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WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Q&A – Everything You Should Know


What’s up with WhatsApp privacy policy?

The popular messaging app has been all over the place in the past few weeks. All the craziness began when Facebook announced they are bringing changes to the Whatsapp privacy policy.

I was tempted to write about this because every day I see misinformation spreading on social media. So here’s a little question and answer compilation on the most common questions people seem to have.

When will the new privacy policy update take effect from?

Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp has announced this updated policy will be effective from 8th February 2021.

What is the WhatsApp privacy policy update about?

This privacy policy change is focused on merchants who use WhatsApp to connect with their customers. When someone contacts a registered merchant through the messaging application, things would go according to this new update. Facebook was specific in mentioning that this would not have any effect when people are connecting with their family and friends.

Does this give WhatsApp permission to read my messages?

No. Simply no. Facebook has noted again and again that messages are end-to-end encrypted. That means no one in between the sender and the recipient can read or manipulate the messages. This WhatsApp privacy policy update has nothing to do with permission to read messages. In fact, no one can read them.

Will my location be shared with Facebook when I share my location on WhatsApp?

That is also a big no. No location data will be shared with Facebook. As I mentioned above, all chats are encrypted. When you share your location with your friends and family, that also is encrypted.

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Can Facebook know who I call on WhatsApp?

No, they cannot. They have specifically mentioned they do not store these data of their 2 billion customers. However, it is worth noting that internet service providers are known to keep logs on user activity.

What is with merchants in this update?

That is, you can connect with merchants through WhatsApp. Sellers of various goods can register as businesses on WhatsApp to connect with customers. When you contact them or browse the items they offer on WhatsApp, that information will be collected by Facebook.

Do not get this wrong here. No messages will be collected. Just the fact that you browsed and contacted a specific merchant.

You can read the official FAQ provided by WhatsApp here.

These are the most common questions about the WhatsApp privacy policy update. And these seem to be the facts most commonly misunderstood.

I hope I shed some light on this policy mystery. I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments.

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