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WhatsApp: voice messages finally receive the improvements that users have been asking for so much

WhatsApp is preparing to receive a lot of news. A new announcement on the application's website confirms that we will soon be receiving a new batch of improvements. On this occasion, the voice notes are the central point of the update.

In The Verge they collect that this new wave of improvements will allow WhatsApp users to listen to voice messages outside the chat, as well as play them at speeds of 1.5x and 2x. This also includes forwarded audio messages and messages from other sources.

Likewise, we will also see a great improvement in the experience when recording a voice message. Now Android users will be able to pause and resume recording; a function that was already in iOS for a few months. This, of course, is quite useful for those situations where you don't know what to say and don't want to keep the other person waiting in silence.

This update also adds the ability to listen to our voice messages before sending them. Thus, we can verify that everything is in order. The complete list of functional novelties, below:

Play outside chat: Listen to a voice message outside the chat, so you can multitask or read and reply to other messages in the meantime.

Pause/Continue recording: When you are recording a voice message, you can now pause the recording and continue it whenever you want, in case someone interrupts you or you need to think better about what you are going to say.

Waveform display: A visual representation of the sound of the voice message is shown to help you follow the recording.

Listen to the message before sending it: Now you can listen to your voice message before sending it.

Resume playback from where you paused: If you pause a voice message while listening to it, you can continue where you left off when you return to chat.

Fast playback on forwarded messages: Play voice messages at 1.5x or 2x speeds to listen to normal and forwarded messages faster.

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Aesthetic changes in WhatsApp voice messages

The new WhatsApp improvements However, the improvements that WhatsApp will receive will not be only functional . Meta has also updated the visual aspect of voice messages. Now, instead of a simple line appearing in audio messages, we will see a sound wave with the graphic representation of our message.

In addition, now WhatsApp also has memory. The app will remember where you left off in a voice message so you don't have to listen to it from scratch if you accidentally exited the app or stopped playback.

WhatsApp ensures that users send an average of 7,000 million messages voice every day; an impressively high number. Now, these users can enjoy the great improvements that they have been asking the company for years.

When we launched voice messaging in 2013, we knew it could change the way we communicate. Thanks to its simple operation, we have made recording and sending a voice message as quick and easy as writing a text message. Every day, WhatsApp users send an average of 7 billion voice messages, all protected by end-to-end encryption so they are always private and secure.

Whatsapp In the case of Android, to access the new features you just have to update your WhatsApp app from the Play Store. The latest version of the app is, so if you already have it, you should be able to take full advantage of WhatsApp's enhanced voice memos.