WhatsApp Web is now more secure, thanks to Code Verify: what it is and how it works

WhatsApp Web is now more secure, thanks to Code Verify: what it is and how it works


WhatsApp is now a global instant messaging platform, available on virtually all platforms, including desktops . Precisely in this context, an important safety innovation has been introduced.

The novelty in question is called Code Verify and has just been made official by Meta. This is a web browser extension which aims to certify the authenticity of the WhatsApp Web version you are using. The image you find in the gallery shows its operation at a schematic level: the extension will query the build of WhatsApp Web running on the browser, to be sure that no third-party attackers has manipulated the version in use.

Using an inauthentic version of WhatsApp Web can pose a big risk of security to your account and personal information related to it. Therefore Meta focuses heavily on the new extension, in order to ensure the same security standard that WhatsApp offers on its official apps.

Once the server has been queried on the version of WhatsApp Web in use, you will see the response from Code Verify , which will validate the version in use, detect a problem and request a new verification or return a validation error message .

The news will be available for various web browsers, among which we find Chrome , Edge and Firefox . Below you will find the download links for the first two, for which it is already available.

  • Code Verify for WhatsApp Web | Chrome extension
  • Code Verify for WhatsApp Web | Edge extension
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