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Wikimedia Foundation works on a paid service. And free information?

Apparently Wikimedia Foundation is working on a paid service : Wikimedia Enterprise , presented just yesterday via an article by Wired in the United States. It is due to be launched during this year and promises not to change the current functioning Wikipedia: in addition it will offer new possibilities to large companies, including Google and Facebook , which use its contents.

Wikimedia is still working on how Wikimedia Enterprise works, but it seems it will offer a premium version of the Wikipedia API. Customers could benefit from more rapid updates or reformatting of the information according to their needs, or even the possibility of be able to modify, move and repost. Lane Becker , Senior Director of the Wikimedia Foundation explained to Wired how many companies already pay employees to clean and organize the contents of Wikipedia for reuse: Enterprise was created precisely to make these changes at the source .

Many services make use of at least Wikipedia : just think of the information boxes in Google searches , or the virtual assistants such as Alexa , Siri and Google Assistant . Wikimedia Enterprise will guarantee companies API more efficient, allowing for example to choose to view items with greater consent and credibility instead of the most recent .

Nevertheless, it was reiterated that Wikipedia intends to continue to be a free source of information and that no company will be induced to purchase the services offered by Wikimedia Foundation .