Windows 7 Support Ended a Year Ago but Millions of PCs Still Run It

It has been a year since Microsoft officially ceased support for Windows 7 after a decade of glorious service life.

Windows 7 holding strong…

But Windows 7 has proven to be different than other operating systems Microsoft sent to the grave. As of this writing, around 100 million PCs are still running on Windows 7. And would you believe if I said that amount has actually increased since last year?

Hard to believe but as a fact, Windows 7 has increased its market share from 18.78% in November 2020 to 19.71% in December 2020 out of all PC operating systems. The data was provided by NetMarketShare.

Updates till 2023…

For the uninformed, although the official Windows 7 support ended for general customers, there is a way to continue receiving security updates. Microsoft had announced that “as a last resort”, enterprise customers can pay to have extended support until 2023.

However, the data provided by NetMarketShare does not identify between enterprise and general consumers. So there is actually no way of knowing how much each sector is responsible for.

Why would you still run it?

For the average joe of a consumer, the decision to stick with Win7 might be supported by various factors. They might just love the way Win7 looks and cannot let go of it.

We must not forget the operating system released after Win7 was a total hot mess. Let me remind you, Windows 8 did not even have the start menu at first. It was later added with Windows 8.1 because so many people despised Microsoft for omitting the dear start menu they had used to. Needless to say, that alone would compel the laymen to stick with the tried and true Windows 7.

If you are still running Windows 7 despite the fact it has reached the end of support, I would like to know the reasons behind the decision. Let me know in the comments below.