WindTre fixed network: rescheduling expected from August with increases of up to € 4 per month

At the same time, however, the operator has prepared a proportionate and temporary discount

A new remodeling is foreseen starting from 1st August 2021 for some fixed network customers WindTre . The price increase will be applied to the monthly fee of the offer signed by them, which will cost up to € 4 more than at the time of activation.

At the same time the operator will apply an equivalent discount on the invoice (therefore, up to € 4), which will be valid until payment is completed for the '' purchase in installments of the modem for sale combined with the offer. By virtue of this, the actual increase in the cost of the offer will be applied at the end of the modem installment.

The operator justifies this decision by declaring the need to implement a change in the positioning of the offer and to continue to provide service levels in line with the growing needs of the market. At the moment the offers that will be subject to this remodeling are not known , the application of which or not may vary based on the activation date or particular promotions subscribed.

Anyone who has signed a fixed network contract that provided for a “temporally bound” or “blocked” price will have the opportunity to make a report to Customer Service 159, to have their case verified and possibly restore the current conditions of the offer. Finally, we remind you that customers are always free to not accept the changes and exercise the right of withdrawal by 31 July 2021 without incurring penalties or deactivation costs.