With Chrome you will soon be able to instantly reopen a tab closed by mistake (photo)

Who hasn't accidentally closed a web page ? Thanks to the recovery function present in all browsers now, this is not a problem and you can recover it in a few clicks. However, depending on how much the page in question weighs, no matter how easy it is, it is still necessary to wait a few fractions of a second, the time to allow the program to reload the page .

Thanks to a new feature coming to Chrome this operation will become instant . In practice, the user will not even notice that he has closed a tab by mistake and will immediately find it as he had left it. The novelty will be made possible by the implementation of three new commits recently appeared on Chromium's Gerrit. The relative flag is not yet available , not even in the Canary version of Chrome, a sign that Google is still working on it.

This is not entirely new, since the version of Chrome for Android already adopts a rougher solution to achieve a similar result. On the desktop, however, this makes a lot of sense in practice: if you reopen a page within 15 seconds of closing it , it will be reactivated in a blink of an eye. The technical solution is similar to what was done for the pre-cache when you go back / forward in the history, in a nutshell the browser will keep the data of the page in the cache for a while instead of deleting it as soon as the tab is closed .