Xiaomi Airdots 3 review, advanced wireless headphones within everyone's reach

Xiaomi has long earned an important stage in the world of cheap true wireless earphones. It did so above all with the Airdots line, which reaches its third version, with Airdots 3 at a price of 36 euros with the coupon J6698D9751553000 . Important changes have been made to the aesthetics of the case, and also of the earphones themselves. Here's what we think of the new TWS of the Chinese house.

First of all, Xiaomi has decided to include new colors, and these Airdots 3 are available, as well as in black, also in blue and pink . The latter is the version we tested, which we sincerely would like to recommend almost exclusively to a female audience.

The color is very delicate, and the shape of the case, slightly higher, is similar to a small jewelery box. It is slightly bulkier than previous generations, but both in appearance and in touch, it seems to be more elegant and more premium-made. Opening it, it's all pink, including earphones.

Recensione Xiaomi Airdots 3, un gioiello per il pubblico femminile

Just as the case size is enlarged slightly, the earphones themselves have also undergone the same treatment. They are slightly more elongated than in the past, and also a little thicker. In our experience they have gained, because they are better inserted inside the ear, resulting more stable. It must be said, however, that those with very small ears may encounter some difficulties.

Recensione Xiaomi Airdots 3, un gioiello per il pubblico femminile

The surface of the earphones is completely smooth, and apparently they certainly stand out, also thanks to the new pink color. In addition, they have a new glossy finish , which makes them more appreciable than previous versions.

Also from this point of view they seem higher-end than their cost. There is no shortage of soft touch keys even if the controls available are not many. They are IPX4 , which is why you won't have difficulty using them while it rains, nor will you have to worry about sweat.

Recensione Xiaomi Airdots 3, un gioiello per il pubblico femminile

As already mentioned, at the level of controls they do not offer a great variety of functions. Double tapping the right earphone will pause and restart the music, while double tapping the left will activate the voice assistant. There are no single touch functions totally, there are no controls to change tracks, nor to lower or raise the volume from the earphone.

Recensione Xiaomi Airdots 3, un gioiello per il pubblico femminile

There is the automatic pause function, simply by pulling the headset out of the ear cavity. It is possible to listen with an earphone, with the particularity that the transition from one to two earphones takes place without interruption; vice versa, switching from two to one need to resume playback manually.

An update compared to the previous generation is visible, at least on paper, as regards the Bluetooth, which this time is 5.2 . In everyday listening we did not notice big differences with the BT 5.0, even if it is enough to simply open the case to get an instant pairing of the earphones. The listening range, on the other hand, is the usual 10 meters.

How they sound

These Redmi AirDots 3 do better in the mids and highs than in the bass. All in all, listening to the various musical instruments is natural, even if they don't seem to enjoy many details.

The attention to the mid-high tones certainly rewards the singers' voices, which reach the listener's ear in a very clean way. Obviously, it is not possible to appreciate the presence of basses, just hinted at, and not even medium-low notes such as the drums are very perceptible.

Recensione Xiaomi Airdots 3, un gioiello per il pubblico femminile

Overall, AirDots 3 sound good , with sufficient general cleanliness. In addition, they are excellent allies for telephone conversations, as long as there is not a lot of background noise obstructing the conversation.

They are also excellent allies for watching videos on YouTube, thanks to perfect synchronization on iPhone and Android. However, there is a slight lag in sound effects when gaming, as is the case with almost all wireless headsets.

Recensione Xiaomi Airdots 3, un gioiello per il pubblico femminile

These are not audiophile peripherals, but overall they offer a sound quality that is justified for the price range.

Battery life

They improve in autonomy. The playing time of these AirDots 3 rises to about 7 hours , compared to 4 of the previous models. This is thanks to the 600 mAh battery inside the charging case, which allows you to recharge the earphones up to 4 times .

Recensione Xiaomi Airdots 3, un gioiello per il pubblico femminile


AirDots 3 improves on its predecessor for autonomy, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and audio video synchronization with YouTube. The sound quality is, on the other hand, comparable, as are the touch controls that are not too complete.

If autonomy is a key factor for you in using wireless headphones, then the higher price than the previous edition is certainly justified. Also, if you have large ears, this model is recommended, due to its slightly more elongated shape. Conversely, for those with smaller ears, AirDots 2 will be more comfortable.


  • Aesthetically valid
  • Good materials
  • Autonomy
  • Immediate pairing
  • Nice sound …

  • … but without bass
  • incomplete touch controls
  • At the moment you can buy them on the flash offer for around 36 euros, directly at this address. applying the coupon J6698D9751553000