Xiaomi Mi Band 6 review: is it still the queen of smart bands?

It has now been 7 years since the first appearance of Mi Band on the market, and since then Xiaomi has packaged six of them. Recently presented, Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has not lost that initial philosophy of economic fitness bracelet ( you can buy it for 39 euros with the coupon N138F4 ), but it has added so many features to the device. Here's how the new Chinese fitness band fares.

Key Features

In the meantime, let's start with a quick overview of its main features. First of all, the display. Xiaomi Mi Band 6 offers a larger screen than in the past, from 1.56 inches , although the overall dimensions remain unchanged, so much so that it can also use old silicone straps of the past generation, and also by Mi Band 4.

The display is very bright and easy to read outdoors, but unfortunately it does not have an automatic brightness sensor, which is why you will often have to adjust the settings.

Recensione Mi Band 6, è ancora la regina delle smartband?

As always, the key element of the series is autonomy, which also in this case is no exception and does not give up two weeks of use. Of course, it uses the Bluetooth 5.0 for pairing with the smartphone, and allows you to track well 30 different discipline modes .

In terms of sensors and measurements, however, the bracelet allows monitoring of heart rate, sleep, stress monitoring and SpO2, as well as guiding the user on breathing exercises .

Recensione Mi Band 6, è ancora la regina delle smartband?

Still, among the most important features of the band stands out 5 ATM certification , which makes it an excellent ally also for water sports.


From a design point of view, Mi Band 6 looks almost identical to its direct predecessor, and still similar to the previous one. Basically, it keeps its shape with an elongated display, a silicone strap, and the classic button closure. From this point of view the Band is neither original nor flashy.

Obviously, the similarity with the predecessors is not necessarily a bad thing, because it is an absolutely functional device, really small and light on the wrist, so much so that it can be kept all day without even realizing it.

Recensione Mi Band 6, è ancora la regina delle smartband?

It is the detail, however, that reveals a different bracelet. As already mentioned, the display is larger, although nestled inside a body of identical dimensions compared to the Mi Band 5.

This means that the screen is 50% larger than the predecessor, and that it stretches almost from edge to edge. Moreover, with most of the watch faces, with a black background, it will seem to have a device without frames on the wrist.

Sensors and measurements

In the past, in relation to the measurements, the Xiaomi Mi Bands have satisfied, and dissatisfied at the same time, the public. In this case, testing the band for several days, we noticed a step forward.

Where in the past the Mi Band has struggled to provide measurements, having to repeat them several times, here we seemed to have a more effective bracelet. It still seems to suffer slightly from correct positioning: if the bracelet is not positioned perfectly, it could return some incorrect data.

Recensione Mi Band 6, è ancora la regina delle smartband?

All in all, however, in measuring the heartbeat it has always seemed reactive and precise, or at least in line with the data recorded by other bracelets of the same type, or more famous smartwatches.

The stress level also seems to work correctly, and indeed in this case we have found it more accurate and reliable than others, as long as the cuff is in the optimal position, and you can keep your arm very still.

Recensione Mi Band 6, è ancora la regina delle smartband?

Where, on the other hand, we had some slight difficulties was the SpO2 measurement. Also in this case, to be honest, it seemed fast most of the time, but precision is really very much linked to the correct positioning of the bracelet and to the complete immobilization of the wrist. In short, nothing is enough to obtain incorrect data or even receive the message that it is impossible to measure.

Mi Band 6 does a sufficient job when it comes to sleep tracking as well. First of all, thanks to its small size, as well as its low weight, it won't be a problem to wear it even at night.

It is able to record the duration of sleep and its various phases, including light, deep and REM sleep. It does this sufficiently, returning an overall sleep score on a scale of 0 to 100.

Physical activities

As for the detection of physical activities, however, Xiaomi Mi Band 6 allows you to automatically track walking, cycling, running, treadmill and elliptical, but allows you to manually record data from other activities, such as basketball, yoga, stretching and others. .

Recensione Mi Band 6, è ancora la regina delle smartband?

Obviously, when it comes to tracking and recording sports activity data, you have to deal with the absence of the GPS module: even Mi Band 6, like the previous ones, does not allow you to record the route, without the aid of a smartphone. matched.

In short, if you want a complete tracker, you will have two alternative choices: bring your smartphone with you, in addition to the Mi Band 6, or buy a bracelet or a smartwatch with integrated GPS module.

Furthermore, the bracelet does not share data with the Fitbit or Google Fit apps, which is why it will be necessary to rely on the dedicated Mi Fit app.

Recensione Mi Band 6, è ancora la regina delle smartband? Recensione Mi Band 6, è ancora la regina delle smartband?

Regarding the application, the considerations made over the years are valid, also because the app has not been profoundly modified over time. The home screen is all about workouts and fitness data.

It immediately shows the steps taken, and the information on sleep, on the last heart rate detected and on the weight, which can be set manually by the user, or obtained automatically from the Mi Scale.

The app then allows you to manage the incoming notifications of the desired apps, in addition to being able to change the quadrant, among the predefined ones, set alarms, reminder alerts, sedentary alerts, set daily goals, decide whether to unlock the smartphone with the bracelet, set a PIN for the band if it is removed from the wrist, and more.

Battery life and charging

Excellent autonomy, which can reach up to 14 days of use. It is clear, the data is absolutely variable, depending on the frequency with which the sensor is activated for the data on the heartbeat or on the oxygen saturation.

The charging system via magnetic cable remains unchanged, finally comfortable to use and without having to remove the band from the strap, as happened with models 4 and earlier.

Recensione Mi Band 6, è ancora la regina delle smartband?


If you look at the smartband and wearable market in the 40 euro price range, Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is certainly one of the best possible choices, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

The bracelet offers a solid suite of hidden features, such as tracking approximately 30 activities. It's common to occasionally encounter inaccurate sensor readings, but overall it does a great job of providing information on fitness and well-being.

Recensione Mi Band 6, è ancora la regina delle smartband? Mi Band 6 vs 5: identical size, different diagonal display.

We would recommend it as an upgrade to anyone with a Mi Band 4 or earlier, while the upgrade from the previous Mi Band 5 is only recommended when it will be on offer at a lower street price.


  • Excellent display
  • Great fitness companion
  • Autonomy and recharge
  • Price
  • Good sensor compartment …
  • Cons

  • … measurements not always impeccable
  • No NFC
  • No GPS
  • No automatic brightness sensor
  • Prices and availability

    Xiaomi Mi Band can be purchased already on offer and can be purchased for 39 euros with the coupon N138F4.