Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite review: simple, basic and with a linear design

The fight for the best smartwatch is always around the corner, even more so in recent years, considering that there are so many economic models, which, however, are able to rival, both in design and function, with the most end-of-the-range wearables. high. We also try Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite (at the price of 42 euros with the coupon WATCH5 ), let's see if it succeeds.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite, like many of the Chinese brand's peripherals, is essential and minimal in appearance. It offers a shape vaguely reminiscent of Apple Watch, with a 41 mm matte plastic face, offered in different colors. Each case color is combined with a soft-touch TPU strap which, yes, it is removable, but uses a proprietary mechanism, which makes it possible to replace it only with straps of the same type.

The watch weighs just 35 grams, almost “invisible” on the wrist from this point of view, and has the right dimensions, even if the thickness is not the most discreet, with its 11.9 mm. On the side of the case there is only one physical button; wanting to make a comparison with the Apple Watch's Digital Crown, but also with the same as the Mi Watch, it is much more discreet, resulting practically flush with the case itself.

The watch enjoys an excellent 1.4-inch TFT LCD touchscreen display, with 320 x 320 resolution that offers 350 nits of brightness. Yes, the specs are down from the non-Lite variant, but this watch's screen is absolutely great for the retail price. Although when turned off the effect is really “wow”, because it seems that the display covers the entire front, in reality there are rather pronounced black frames. By choosing, however, a watch faces with dark edges, the edge tends to almost disappear, also thanks to a software optimized for the purpose.

Compared to the Mi Watch, this Lite model loses in vibrancy of colors, even if this Lite defends itself really well, and offers an enviable unit for the launch price. What makes the nose turn up a bit is the complete absence of animation in the menus, which therefore flow in jerks. “Shots”, we mean, not in the sense of lag, but that the menu passes from one screen to another in a clear, almost “raw” way.

In any case, the watch does not go unnoticed on the wrist, resulting absolutely elegant. It also enjoys 5ATM certification, making it an excellent ally for diving up to 50 meters deep.

Mi Watch Lite incorporates a 3-axis accelerometer inside and also enjoys motion, gyroscope, barometer and compass sensors. Above all, there are integrated GPS and Glonass, so you can map outdoor workouts, even without the aid of a smartphone. In total, Mi Watch Lite manages to keep track of 11 different sports modes, such as running, cycling and swimming in the pool or in open water. Do not miss the PPG heart rate monitor for continuous monitoring and measurement of effort levels during exercise.

Obviously, all the basic functions of fitness trackers are there, although in this case we cannot remain silent as our unit tends to overestimate the steps. We immediately noticed this, and alongside it with other trackers from different companies, at the end of the day Mi Watch Lite marked over 500 more steps. Also, compared to other brands, what is missing here is stress monitoring and SpO2 measurements. At this price, after all, you could not have everything.

Tracking your daily activities is pretty simple, it covers the number of steps and distance traveled, putting this data in chronological order. There is also an altimeter on board, but strangely it does not track the floors climbed during the day.

At the interface level, Mi Watch Lite is based on proprietary software. The UI is very simple, but all in all intuitive and versatile. Too bad, from an aesthetic point of view, that it lacks any animation, even the poorest.

Among the extra fitness features, the smartwatch offers the possibility of receiving incoming notifications on the wrist, as well as calls, even if it will not be possible to answer in any way, neither to one nor to the other. The app, on which we will return shortly, offers the possibility to choose between 120 dials, and there is no lack of weather and alarm functions, stopwatch or timer.

The experience of the smartwatch is, therefore, rather basic, even if everything seems to work well, net of the steps that, at the end of the day, will have to be retouched downwards.

The application is different from the usual ones. It does not use Zepp, nor the Amazfit app. Rather, the pairing takes place with the Xiaomi Wear app, available for free on iOS and Android. The main screen, in addition to an animated digital avatar, shows three sections: Status, Workouts, Profile. In the first, you can immediately view some data on steps, calories, sleep, workouts and heart rate. While the training section allows you to keep track of your fitness sessions, all geolocated; finally, on profile you can set the dials and change the clock settings.

As for sleep monitoring, Mi Watch lite will provide details on the duration, and on the various interruptions. No detail is provided on REM sleep. Sleep, like footsteps, tends to be overestimated. Plus, unlike other cheaper devices, no advice is given on how to improve the results of a bad night's sleep you just had.

As for the average heart rate data and maximum heart rate data, it was a bit misleading when compared to other higher-end trackers. All in all, at rest the measurements were always found to be plausible and close to other competitors.

As for autonomy, the manufacturer ensures 9 days with typical use. We have never managed to reach this milestone. Probably, using the continuous heart rate monitoring functions, and training with GPS every other day, you will come to cover about 4-5 days.


Mi Watch Lite is a wearable that aesthetically makes its figure. Really beautiful, elegant, minimal, it doesn't look bad even if you compare it to Apple Watch. In terms of functionality, however, it is really basic, and can be compared to a budget fitness tracker. Therefore, it is suitable for those who need basic information, but who at the same time do not give up on the design of a real watch. Furthermore, an element that distinguishes it from cheap fintess bands is the presence of GPS.


  • Aesthetically valid
  • Good display
  • So many watchfaces
  • waterproof 5ATM
  • Has GPS
  • Price

  • Overestimated steps
  • Not maximum autonomy
  • Prices and availability

    Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite costs about 42 euros and can be purchased directly at this address with the coupon WATCH5 .