Xiaomi Mijia mini compressor review: tire pressure always under control

Xiaomi always surprises. Not only is it able to make high-quality smartphones and digital devices at an excellent price, but also brands with its brand products from niches that do not belong to this sector, managing to make products capable of arousing interest and also of innovating.

This is the case of this battery-powered mini compressor that we tested in recent days and is part of the immense Mi ecosystem of the Mijia world, as the umbrella is called under which products made by external companies fall but which Xiaomi then presents and guarantees. and which is sold by Gearbest

  • 1 The Xiaomi Mijia mini compressor as it is made
  • 2 How the compressor works
  • 3 Usage impressions
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  • The Xiaomi Mijia mini compressor as it is made

    The Xiaomi Mijia mini compressor isn't the only battery-powered mini compressor on sale, but it's certainly the smallest we've handled: 124 x 71 x 45.3mm. And even when we looked around the internet for an accessory of this type that we needed to inflate the tires of our racing bike, we didn't see anything so small.

    Size aside from the mini compression it also has other notable aspects such as design. It cannot be said that it is entirely original but it is certainly curious; in fact very closely resembles an old iPod complete with a click wheel (do you remember it?) and screen. Here the click wheel is used to select the various modes for inflation, to change the pressure and the units of measurement. The screen, on the other hand, obviously presents the essential indications for using the mini compressor.

    Other details include the good quality black plastic, the connector for the USB charging port covered by a rubber pad and the tube that connects to the tire that almost loops into the upper part of the accessory; there is the temptation to use this ring to hang the compressor maybe on a backpack , but it is not recommended because the compressor is quite heavy (440 grams ) and solid hooking but it may not be so strong that it can withstand the release in case of major jolts.

    In the package you will find a needle to inflate balloons and a metal adapter for Presta valves (those for racing bicycles and some Mountain Bikes). In fact, the tube ends with a connector for Schrader valves, the most common ones we find in cars.

    A small detail that should be noted is the LED light we have on the front of the compressor. Useful when you have to use the accessory in a garage with little light or perhaps in the evening.

    Inside the compressor we find a 2000 mAh battery . Charging takes place at 5V and 2A, completely restoring the compressor autonomy therefore requires a couple of hours.

    Recensione Mini compressore Xiaomi: pressione degli pneumatici sempre sotto controllo No, it's not an iPod …

    How the compressor works

    The compressor, which is able to reach a maximum of 10 bar (150 Psi, more than enough for any home use) has a relatively simple operation. There are 4 inflation modes: free with manual deactivation when pressure is reached, bicycle, motorcycle and car.

    The last three allow you to memorize a pressure level, at which the compressor will automatically deactivate. For example, if you adjust the maximum pressure of 2.5 bar once the compressor has detected this pressure in the tire, the engine will stop.

    We can also change the pressure indicator between Psi and Bar. It is not possible to adjust the measurement in Atmospheres but the Atmosphere is an indicator that corresponds almost perfectly to the Bar.

    Xiaomi Mijia has built the compressor so that it turns on and off automatically when you unplug or insert the tube from its housing. In any case, shutdown is automatic after a few minutes of inactivity.

    1 of 8 Recensione Mini compressore Xiaomi: pressione degli pneumatici sempre sotto controllo The compressor packaging with the Xiaomi logo Recensione Mini compressore Xiaomi: pressione degli pneumatici sempre sotto controllo The nameplate data of the mini compressor Recensione Mini compressore Xiaomi: pressione degli pneumatici sempre sotto controllo Charging through the Micro USB port Recensione Mini compressore Xiaomi: pressione degli pneumatici sempre sotto controllo The LED helps to illuminate the valve area in case of low light Recensione Mini compressore Xiaomi: pressione degli pneumatici sempre sotto controllo Adapter for Presta valve Recensione Mini compressore Xiaomi: pressione degli pneumatici sempre sotto controllo The mounted adapter The Led is generously sized The connector for the Micros US D port of the Xiaomi compressor

    Usage impressions

    We used the compressor both to measure and then to inflate the pressure of a car tire and a tire of a racing and walking bicycle, obtaining very good impressions. The air flow is obviously reduced compared to that of a common compressor, but the effectiveness is the same.

    In practical terms, inflating a tire will take longer than what is required by an electric compressor, time which increases gradually when the required pressure is higher because the compressor has to work harder, but otherwise there is no difference between an expensive and bulky compressor such as those sold at a department store or hardware store and this (almost) pocket-sized Xiaomi Mijia.

    It took about 4 minutes to bring a racing bike tire to 8.5 bars. We tried to inflate the tire of a bicycle that has a larger inner tube but requires a lower pressure (3 bar) and took two and a half minutes. Note that the walking bike had a Regina valve but we didn't have too much trouble using it with the Presta valve adapter.

    On the other hand, bringing a car tire to 2.5 bar takes much longer (around six minutes, Xiaomi says), the amount of air to be pumped is much more than the return. We tried to bring the tire of our car from 1.2 bar to 2.2 in three minutes and ten seconds.

    After all, it is very difficult for you to have a completely deflated car tire; if it were it would be punctured, much more likely it would be necessary, as happened to us, to simply bring it back to the right pressure a tire that does not have the correct pressure.

    As for autonomy, Xiaomi explains that we can inflate a bicycle tire eight times, six times those of a motorcycle and 5 times those of a car . But these are very indicative measures because a lot will also depend on the size of the tire but also on the pressure, therefore on the duration of operation and the effort of the piston.

    For example in the case of our racing bike that we brought to 8.5 bar we were able to inflate the tires only 4 times before having the red light indicating the end of the battery.

    Recensione Mini compressore Xiaomi: pressione degli pneumatici sempre sotto controllo Let's try to inflate a car tire


    Xiaomi Mijia's mini compressor is perfect for taking the place of a hand pump , a tool that is normally used to inflate the tires of a bicycle racing. Ordinary pumps hardly allow you to reach the right tire pressure, especially for racing bicycles or mountain bikes. In cases like these, you need to buy high quality pumps specifically designed for high pressures.

    Compared to even the best mechanical pumps, the Xiaomi compressor wins in terms of size and ease of use as well as in saving effort, even if it always requires to be charged to be efficient. Instead, the hand pump is always ready to work.

    Although the Xiaomi mini compressor is designed specifically for the world of two wheels, it also works perfectly to check and restore the correct pressure of the tires of a car or motorcycle without resorting to more bulky and expensive tools, or in sports contexts ( to inflate many balls) or for the free type and holidays.

    Among the limits to report the relative slowness with which it is able to inflate large tires or to reach the right pressure in tires that require very high bars. Even the weight is high (about half a kg) in relation to the dimensions due to the indispensable components (piston and gears must have a certain solidity to reach pressure up to 10 bar) so it is difficult for you to think about taking it with you while you go on a bike ride and deal with a puncture. In these cases it is much better to resort to the classic CO2 cartridges that are in the pouch.

    As for the price of 50 Euro, it is competitive with respect to electric home compressors and the best hand pumps capable of providing the same performance. It is therefore easy to recommend the purchase to all those looking for a comfortable and functional system to keep the tires of a bicycle, motorbike or car under control and in efficiency.


  • Powerful and practical to use
  • Possibility to memorize various pressures inflation
  • Well built and useful for various purposes
  • Cons

  • Slow inflation if high pressures are required
  • Requires to always be charged to be efficient
  • Too heavy to be carried on a bicycle
  • You can buy it for about 50 euros by clicking on this direct link. Thanks to the coupon GB090201 you will pay 45 euros.