Yamay review, the circular, elegant and sporty smartwatch

The Yamay brand is relatively new in the panorama of smartwatches compatible with iOS and Android, yet there are already many models on the market, such as the one inspired by the Amazfit Bip and Apple Watch, which we reviewed at this address.

Today is the turn of an equally cheap model (only 37 on Amazon thanks to the coupon ZQW9WXIY), but with a more classic flavor, due to the circular dial.

As already mentioned, although the brand has in the past focused its attention on square displays, this time it wanted to completely change course by offering the user a circular display.

The shapes and aesthetics are therefore detached from the previous ones, without however renouncing a very good assembly, materials that are pleasant to the touch and sight, as well as a definitely minimal and modern aesthetic. It features an easily removable 22mm silicone strap. This too is certainly well made.

Recensione smartwatch Yamay

At the screen level, it offers a 1.28-inch diagonal, with TFT LCD color touchscreen technology. The colors displayed on the screen are not very bright, but all the elements shown are still clearly legible.

How it works in everyday life

Daily use leaves no room for problems of any kind. The proprietary operating system is simple, and allows you to have all the basic information at hand, even if the previous Yamay convinced us slightly more.

We thought, in fact, to find the same operating system accepted by the previous model, and instead the proprietary OS of this smartwatch is different. It is still very enjoyable and intuitive, because with an upward slide you access the notifications menu, while with side slides you will have access to the three Apple-style rings, dedicated to fitness, as well as functions such as music control, heart rate monitor cardiac, sleep monitoring and sports tracking.

Recensione smartwatch Yamay

To tell the truth, on the software side we find that there is also some element better than the previous one, related to the watch faces. And in fact, in addition to the six pre-installed ones, which actually did not satisfy us, it is possible to download dozens of them preset from the app, even if it is actually possible to customize them with any background, taking images from the gallery of your smartphone.

Recensione smartwatch Yamay

As already mentioned, although it is a smartwatch with a classic look, it offers tracking features of different sports, 13 to be exact, including Running, Walking, Cycling, Climbing, Yoga, Skiing, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Badminton, Soccer, Rugby, and Ping Pong. The watch has no GPS, which also justifies the very competitive price.

Recensione smartwatch Yamay

Another important feature of the YAMAY smartwatch is the notification hub. This is called up with a slide down from the Home screen. Here all incoming messages and notifications are grouped, also in this case easy to consult.

Recensione smartwatch Yamay

Still, an applause must be made to the autonomy, which reaches 10 days of use and 30 of standby. During our tests we noticed that this is true, although in this it helps to keep the brightness of the screen not always at the maximum possible.

Maintaining a very high brightness, however, is advisable outdoors, so as to always keep the display clearly visible. Other functions are that of stopwatch, find phone, and sleep monitoring, alarm, and remote music control.

Recensione smartwatch Yamay

The features are many, all standard to be honest for the device that is, but all seem to work well and precisely. We feel, even in this case, to give an affirmative answer. We tested it alongside other smartwatches, some of the highest-end, others of the same category. YAMAY performs well and turned out to be the one with the result in the middle ground.

Recensione smartwatch Yamay

While others tend to overestimate, and still others underestimate, YAMAY appears to be averaging. In this case, therefore, we would like to say that the numerical data of the steps is correct.

The same goes for the heart rate monitor, which has always returned plausible and practically identical results to those of other smartwatches tested. This behavior is totally identical to that of the previously tested Yamay.

Recensione smartwatch Yamay It should also be noted that the watch has IP68 certification, thus allowing it to withstand water up to 5 meters deep. Mind you, it cannot be used under hot water.


This YAMAY watch is, among many, worthy of interest. On the one hand because the price remains very competitive, and on the other for the look and aesthetics. It is really well assembled, and from this point of view it seems better than the square model. It is offered at € 36.99, a price range that does not seem to meet fearsome rivals if you consider the really good aesthetics.


  • Aesthetically valid
  • Functionality in the right place
  • Simple but functional UI
  • Likely data
  • customizable watch faces

  • translation of menus to forget
  • Price and availability

    At the moment this version of the YAMAY smartwatch can be purchased for 37 euros on Amazon by clicking on this direct link. and applying the coupon ZQW9WXIY during the purchase phase.