YAMAY review, the economical smartwatch clone of Apple Watch, on offer on Amazon

There are no longer, nowadays, the smartwatches available on the market, many of which come from the Chinese market, with a particularly aggressive list. If we exclude, however, the historical brands, such as Xiaomi and Honor, many turn out to be poor, and not really suitable for everyday use.

YAMAY, on the other hand, turns out to be a pleasant surprise (although there are some defects) especially considering the Amazon offer: you can buy it for 35.99 euros with the coupon CEWP7L4Y .

First of all, the aesthetics. Smart, but still appreciable, the aesthetic choice. The YAMAY watch recalls, on the one hand, the Amazfit Bip, which was one of the most popular low cost fitness watches in the past, on the other it winks, albeit remotely, at Apple Watch. Overall, aesthetically, I don't mind at all.

It also looks well assembled and with good materials, minimal in the exterior look, with only one physical button positioned on the left side. It features an easily removable 22mm silicone strap. This too is certainly well made, but with the abnormal heat of this period it is assumed that it makes you sweat. Aesthetically, the YAMAY watch is really pleasant, at least as much as the aforementioned Amazfit Bip.

Recensione YAMAY, lo smartwatch economico che ci può stare

At the screen level, it offers a 1.3-inch diagonal, with TFT LCD color touchscreen technology. The colors displayed on the screen are not very bright, but all the elements shown offer an appreciable resolution, with well-finished writing, free of smudges, and the icons just as clean, especially in the outlines.

The watch pairs with iOS and Android smartphones via Bluetooth 5.0, and runs from Android 4.4 and iOS 8.1. Of course, all subsequent operating systems are compatible, therefore more recent.

Recensione YAMAY, lo smartwatch economico che ci può stare A comparison with the Amazfit Bip

How it works in everyday life

Good. The proprietary operating system is really simple, and allows you to have all the basic information at your fingertips. This is because, through a simple slide upwards, starting from the home, the user will be able to view steps, calories, distance traveled and, finally, a sort of summary containing the movement information recorded during the last week. This is a particularly successful choice, because basically this will be the information that the user will want to look at most often.

Recensione YAMAY, lo smartwatch economico che ci può stare

We are sorry, however, that the number of steps is not present on the home screen: none of the four pre-installed watch faces show this information on the screen. Two faces are analog and only show the time (one winks at Apple Watch), while the other two analog ones show time and date. Only one of the latter two also shows the battery life.

In short, we would have preferred a more complicated watch faces, or the possibility of installing them by third parties. And instead, those available are only these 4, and only one has more information. None, however, show the steps in plain sight.

Recensione YAMAY, lo smartwatch economico che ci può stare

To access the functions menu, it is necessary to slide to the left from the home page. From here it will be possible to access the heart rate calculation function, the hub to track 8 sport modes, with all the information and statistics in real time to be displayed on the screen even without a smartphone, such as heart rate, steps, distance, calories. Sports data, on the other hand, can also be synchronized with Apple Health, Google Fit and Strava.

Recensione YAMAY, lo smartwatch economico che ci può stare


Another important feature of the YAMAY smartwatch is the notification hub. This is called up with a slide down from the Home screen. Here all incoming messages and notifications are grouped, also in this case easy to consult.

Recensione YAMAY, lo smartwatch economico che ci può stare

Other characteristics

The watch does not have GPS, but it is interesting to note, for the female audience, that through the paired VeryFitPro app it will be possible to track menstrual cycles, record any symptoms and view an ovulation calendar.

Recensione YAMAY, lo smartwatch economico che ci può stare

Still, an applause must be made to the autonomy, which thanks to the 210 mAh battery allows you to reach 10 days of use and 30 of standby. During our tests we noticed that this is a true figure, which can be revised slightly downwards only in the case of intense physical activity with active tracking. Other functions are that of stopwatch, find phone, and sleep monitoring, alarm, and remote music control.

How it works

The features are many, but the clock is accurate. We feel, even in this case, to give an affirmative answer. We tested it alongside other smartwatches, some of the highest-end, others of the same category. YAMAY performs well and turned out to be the one with the result in the middle ground.

While others tend to overestimate, and still others underestimate, YAMAY appears to be averaging. In this case, therefore, we would like to say that the numerical data of the steps is correct. The same goes for the heart rate monitor, which has always returned results that are plausible and practically identical to those of other smartwatches tested.

It should be noted, however, that the watch enjoys the IP68 certification, thus allowing it to withstand water up to 5 meters deep. Mind you, it cannot be used under hot water.

Recensione YAMAY, lo smartwatch economico che ci può stare


This YAMAY watch is, among many, worthy of interest. It will probably be the price that will determine its success or not. It is offered at 39.99 euros, a price range that could meet some formidable rival. If we were to set a threshold at which it would become a best buy, we would choose that of 30 euros.


  • Aesthetically valid
  • Functionality in the right place
  • Simple but functional UI
  • Likely data

  • non-customizable watch faces
  • translation of menus to forget
  • Price and availability

    At the moment this version of the YAMAY smartwatch can be purchased for € 35.99 on Amazon by clicking on this direct link and using the coupon CEWP7L4Y .