yeedi 2 Hybrid: The Review

Excellent cleaning capacity, mapping with Visual SLAM system and an almost infinite battery, all at a very competitive price. We are talking about the yeedi 2 Hybrid robot vacuum cleaner. Let's see how it performs in our review

YEEDI 2 HYBRID The yeedi 2 Hybrid robot vacuum cleaner arrives in a box with a classic design, not colored, which carefully houses the vacuum cleaner and the accessory pack. Space optimization, portability and compactness are the watchwords here. Only note: the rotating brushes should be positioned better, as the bristles tend to bend. Nothing unsolvable.

Inside the box, in addition to the robot, we will find a rather abundant supply of accessories and spare parts:

user manual and warranty 2 rotating brushes charging station with high efficiency filter power cable, already installed wet cleaning tank with microfiber cloth disposable dust collector cloths dust container cleaning tool

The duration of the various accessories is expressed in hours and can be controlled directly from the App, but it is possible to continue using them even after this deadline, simply by resetting the counter.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Navigation and mapping technology Visual SLAM Battery: 5200mAh Autonomy: 200 minutes Suction power 2500 Pa DESIGN yeedi 2 Hybrid, arrived in matt white with black finishes, has the classic round shape, rather compact for its category and relatively light. The dimensions make it perfect for slipping under most furniture, without the risk of getting stuck.

The classic laser turret for mapping here gives way to a camera flush with the body, which thanks to Visual SLAM technology allows the area to be correctly mapped, truly minimizing the footprint (and battery consumption, since the turrets lasers are equipped with a motor). The low weight makes it light and fast, but at the same time it is firmly fixed on any type of surface, thanks also to the excellent rubber wheels.

yeedi 2 Hybrid is made completely in opaque white, very resistant to scratches and various fingerprints. White may not seem the ideal choice when it comes to an object destined to collect dust and touch surfaces of all kinds, but in this case, after completing the cleaning cycle of the whole house, a wipe with a cloth was enough to make it come back new. The obstacle detection system also minimizes contact with walls, chairs and everything in its way, thus eliminating the risk of scratching / damaging the robot.

The build quality is very good: the feeling you will have for all the time you use it will be that of a product in a significantly higher price range than that in which this robot is placed.

On the sides of the robot we find the large air intake covered by a grid, while in the front part yeedi 2 Hybrid is equipped with retractable and rubberized bumpers, able to absorb the inevitable bumps with furniture and walls, which hide the front sensors.

On the back we find the water tank, which thanks to the microfibre cloth is able to wash the floors.

This tray is separate from the dust container, and can be used to vacuum and wash the floor at the same time.

Lifting the lid at the top, we find the power switch, with reset button for the Wi-Fi connection, the dust tray and the cleaning tool. Thanks to its position, the power button will always be safe from accidental presses. The idea of ​​creating an internal housing for the cleaning tool is excellent, so that it is always at hand.

The dust tank has a capacity of 420ml, and houses the housing for the high efficiency filters. For emptying and cleaning, simply lift it with the special handle and wash it with water, while the filters can be cleaned with the brush supplied. I recommend making a pass with a can of compressed air on the filters, to be sure to remove any particles of dust.

The lower part houses, as usual, the 2 rotating brushes plus a third cylindrical brush, with bristles and rubber, able to lift and capture dust and debris without effort.

All brushes can be removed and washed safely with water, while the supplied tool will be able to remove tangled strands and hair, cutting them precisely. A real convenience, especially for those like me who have long-haired dogs.

The two gear wheels are equipped with a cushioning system that can easily overcome obstacles up to 2cm high, such as carpets and small differences in height, while the rubber coating guarantees absolute grip even on the smoothest surfaces. Thanks to the omnidirectional wheel, the robot has a rather narrow steering angle and allows fluid and precise movements.

HOW IT CLEANS But basically, how does this yeedi 2 Hybrid clean?

The two side rotating brushes, coupled with the characteristic cylindrical brush, guarantee effective and complete cleaning, even in the case of heavy dirt, thanks also to the different selectable power levels. For the complete cleaning of the apartment I am already very good with the standard power, and considering the presence of dog hair everywhere, the cleaning is excellent. The two most powerful modes obviously suck more, but in this case the noise level also increases.

The small side brushes perfectly clean even the corners and edges of the walls, while the special cylindrical brush, with bristles and rubber, is able to remove even the most stubborn dirt. If, as in my case, you have dogs wandering around the house, the nozzle with direct suction is ideal for vacuuming the hair without the risk of it getting stuck.

yeedi 2 Hybrid is able to combine dry cleaning with wet cleaning, with a water tank. This mode is activated automatically when the robot detects the water in the tank and the cloth in position, therefore without the need to manually intervene on the settings. As an alternative to the microfiber cloth you can use the disposable cloths supplied, with the possibility of setting a reminder for the change.

Thanks to the mapping, the yeedi 2 Hybrid will never pass over the same spot, completely eliminating the risk of leaving footprints with the wheels on the wet surface. So just start cleaning and completely forget about the robot, which will complete its cycle in complete autonomy and will return to the charging base. Another positive note: when returning, the yeedi 2 Hybrid is completely silent and rather fast, unlike most of its competitors.

The vacuum cleaner mode is without a doubt the strong point of the yeedi 2 Hybrid. The robot is designed to clean all types of surfaces, from hard floors to carpets. 3 suction modes are available, with increasing power, up to a maximum of 2500 Pa.

The Visual SLAM function is designed to organize and plan the cleaning path with pinpoint accuracy, increasing the accuracy of the map with each scan.

The supplied battery ensures about 200 minutes of autonomy in standard mode (excellent for daily cleaning), and the time for a full recharge is about 4 hours. The charging base always remains firmly on the ground thanks to the rubber feet, but it is always better to place it against a wall.

Once activated, the yeedi 2 Hybrid will map and run around the house until the end of its cleaning cycle or until the battery is running low. In any case, it will always return to its charging base.

yeedi 2 Hybrid uses an obstacle and fall detection system, which combined with the mapping system makes it able to orient itself within the room, following mainly 3 types of programs:

customized: allows you to select a specific area to be cleaned, using a manual selection from the map, with the possibility of making 1 or 2 automatic passes: maps the area and performs a total area cleaning: allows you to set a priority based on the rooms to be cleaned The very tight turning radius, the sensors supplied and above all the automatic cleaning program allow the yeedi 2 Hybrid to really be the perfect helper for home cleaning.

smart functions yeedi 2 Hybrid is able to work both in complete autonomy and paired with a smartphone. In fact, just press the power button to start cleaning, while with a long press the robot will return to the base. yeedi 2 Hybrid has been designed primarily for use via the app, giving you total and complete control.

The presence of the Wi-Fi module, and above all the compatibility with Google and Alexa voice assistants, are the real strength of this vacuum cleaner. Once connected to the smartphone, it will be possible to easily control the yeedi 2 Hybrid even remotely, programming the times and methods of use, setting the suction and washing power, checking the level of wear of the accessories and much more.

For rather large apartments, as in my case, it is possible to activate continuous cleaning: in the event of an interruption or low battery, yeedi 2 Hybrid will resume cleaning in the exact point where it was interrupted, allowing total coverage even in the case of large surfaces . The “do not disturb” mode will prevent cleaning from starting at specific times, thus avoiding noise and distractions.

Honorable mention for the mapping system and map management in the app: during its first cleaning cycle in a new environment, the yeedi 2 Hybrid will map the entire area, detecting every smallest obstacle. The created map can be saved and edited after the first cleaning, but it will take 3 to make it more precise. It is also possible to insert manual limitations inside, thus preventing the robot from going to unwanted places.

To control yeedi 2 Hybrid just install the yeedi app on your smartphone. The app is simple and essential, and offers almost total control over the robot.

Once the vacuum cleaner is paired, you can immediately decide which program to use. Excellent ability to schedule cleaning and to consult a detailed log of all the “outputs” of yeedi 2 Hybrid. A notification system is active in the app, which will alert you when the robot gets stuck somewhere, if it is not on the floor or if there is no tank. Also good is the “find robot” feature, which will literally make the vacuum cleaner say “I'm here”, perhaps ended up under a piece of furniture. One of the peculiarities of this robot is the presence of the Italian language: any information, from the start of cleaning to the finding of an obstacle, is signaled by an Italian voice.

yeedi 2 Hybrid can also be configured to work with Google and Alexa voice assistants. From the app it is also possible to follow the robot's movements in real time, and to know exactly where it is even when we are not at home.

From the app you can set and program the different cleaning methods. In this case I only used yeedi 2 Hybrid in one room, preventing it from going to the rest of the house, which was therefore not mapped.

CONCLUSIONS yeedi 2 Hybrid is without a doubt a great product, sop especially considering the medium-low price range in which it arises. Top-of-the-range features combined with a truly capacious battery make it a best buy in its category.

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