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You can already see the first minutes of 'Stranger Things 4'

Although the premiere of the first part of Stranger Things 4 is scheduled for next Friday, May 27, Netflix has released the first eight minutes of the season. In fact, you can enjoy them from this very moment through YouTube. The movement has been surprising for everyone, since Netflix does not usually follow this type of strategy, much less with its most popular series.

However, it is clear that this preview will help increase the anticipation that exists around ‌Stranger Things 4, which is already huge.

‌Stranger Things 4, as you will see below, starts off in the best possible way. Everything seems to be a “normal” day in the life of Dr. Martin Brenner, the scientist at the Hawkins National Laboratory. He is carrying out his experiments on minors when, completely unexpectedly, everything goes out of control in the place. One of the minors is murdering everyone, including her classmates. Who? Well, Eleven herself. The scene is quite bloody.

According to series creators Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, ‌Stranger Things 4 will be scarier than previous seasons. But, in addition, the aforementioned showrunners said that it will remind us of Game of Thrones. This is mainly due to the fact that significant events will occur in locations that are very distant from each other.

Let's remember that in Stranger Things 4 the gang was separated by distance. On the one hand, we have Will Byers and his family in California. But they are not alone, as Eleven has gone with them. The rest, of course, remains in Hawkins, where danger continues to lurk despite the apparent tranquility that is breathed. And we must not forget that, thousands of kilometers away, specifically in Russia, is Hopper.

“Game of Thrones is one thing that we've referenced, but also for us it's really about revelations, in the sense that we really wanted to start giving the audience some answers,” said Ross Duffer. Will there be shocking moments and unexpected losses in Stranger Things 4? We will know from May 27 —the second part arrives on July 1—.

The premiere of Stranger Things 4 is not anything for Netflix. In addition to being his strongest card for this year in terms of series, it can also become a shock to the service. Why? Lately the company is not going through its best moment. The previous quarter they lost 200,000 users and they expect that number to grow significantly during the current quarter. Therefore, Stranger Things can act as a lifeline, at least temporarily.