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Your dates are not worried about getting married, they prefer that you like to travel

Until recently, one of the main objectives for the vast majority of users of online dating websites, “to flirt”, was to find a partner with whom to establish a lasting relationship. However, the predictions for this 2022 point to a change in trend, valuing the experience itself more than the duration in time.

Although this type of website already had a significant number of users, the coronavirus pandemic, especially after confinement, has made many people function more comfortably in an online environment than in a physical one.

According to online dating site, users are now looking for people with an aspirational lifestyle who are focused on living in the moment. This applies mainly to users in Spain, and is deduced from the answers they give when asked about the attributes they look for in their citations. For example, more than a third of men and women indicate that they seek an active lifestyle, followed by popular attributes such as interest in travel, partners who can offer them a luxury lifestyle and appointments without commitment.

baecationing, the new fashionable term

This new reality has resulted in a new term in social networks, “ baecationing” which consists of inviting someone on a blind date or, someone you just met, to make a date. escape or go on vacation. According to the same website, more than a third of singles have had their first date in a city other than their own, and even in a foreign country.

And all in search of an emotional connection. As a result of the data, more and more people seek to be able to connect with the other person and establish it as the most important aspect when registering on the web. Specifically, it is a primary factor for 40 percent of men and 30 percent of women.

In contrast, the least sought-after attributes are those related, for example, to the search for a monogamous relationship or the intention to marry. None of them reach 5 percent.