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YouTube attentive to teens and preteens: more control for parents on the way

In the last period there has been a lot of discussion about the problems related to the security and privacy of the little ones during the use of social networks: just think of TikTok , which was forced to request the date of birth from its users to continue using the service. To tell the truth, the minimum age is often already specified in the terms and conditions of many social networks or applications.

YouTube is one of those services that since its inception requires users to be at least 13 years old : for the little ones it was created YouTube Kids , which offers a safer experience. Google , however, has recently announced additional features related to security : in the coming months, a new type will be launched in beta of supervised account, which will allow parents to change content settings viewable by adolescents and pre-adolescents.

Parents can choose different options:

  • Explore : intended for children aged 9 and over (approximately), who can therefore leave YouTube Kids.
  • Explore More : For ages 13 and up, allows you to view more content than Explore, as well as live streaming.
  • Most of YouTube : setting that includes the almost all videos on YouTube, with the exception of those with content subject to age limits.

In any case, everything will be integrated into Google Family Link , the parental control management app of BigG . Unfortunately the timing of all this is not known, but for more information we refer you to the official page of the Google blog.