YouTube increasingly attentive to copyrighted content: in test the check of the video before uploading it

The copyright laws are taken very seriously by YouTube : to be able to upload a video to BigG's platform and monetize through advertisements, it is necessary that there are no multimedia elements of which you do not own the rights and copyright violations can lead to very serious consequences, such as closure of the channel .

To try and make life easier for content creators, YouTube has started testing a new screen while loading a video . In fact, the video will be “controlled” by the site's algorithms and this screen will inform users of the possible presence of copyright violations, thus allowing creators to modify the video before uploading it.

This feature will certainly not be the definitive solution to the problem of copyright infringement on the platform: false positives will always be present and the video may be blocked even if it has previously passed this control , but it is certainly one more tool. There has been no announcement from Google at the moment, so it may be a test for a small number of users .