Zoom Events wants to recreate the experience of large conferences online

It seems that Zoom wants to grow on the market by offering services that replicate as closely as possible the dynamics of live events . The company's new service will be called Zoom Events and it looks like it will be officially launched on the market already during this summer .

Zoom Events , which is still under construction, will be based on the previous marketplace of paid events owned by Zoom, i.e. OnZoom . The plus will be guaranteed by the features that can also support large multi-day events and activities not strictly related to the video such as chat.

Like OnZoom, with a paid license of Zoom Meetings or Zoom Webinar you will be able to host live events , organize them in a hub, sell tickets , and monitor statistics such as ticket sales or attendee attendance.

With this new move, Zoom focuses on improving the experience for larger organizations , making Zoom Events more adaptable to conferences or large group meetings which could be divided into several sessions.